Client Support

Customer support is our highest priority. Because email is efficient for you and us, we ask that you first contact us via email for your customer support needs. It is our policy to reply to our customers immediately, but always within 24 hours. NPM Client Support [If link does not work, please check the interface of your browser with your email client, otherwise just email__ services AT __as you usually do.] In serving our customers, NetPartners Marketing emphasizes:

  • Quality Management
  • Knowledge-based Problem Solving
  • Innovative Business Solutions
  • Methodical Organizational Design and Development
  • Intensive Research and Development
  • A Strong People Orientation
  • Excellent Customer Service

  • IM News

      We have been working hard on the BizBuilders Network (BBN) launch this year.  Stan Bylsma and Royce Hamer our partners in Toronto have the honors of forming the first BBN Chapter there.

  • Articles

      The Power of Business Networking and Partnering, Briefing Paper by Dr. R&D

      The Synergy Manifesto, White Paper by Dr. R&D

      The first article is the introductory section of the White Paper and is available to subscribers.  The Synergy Manifesto is only available to NPM partners.


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