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More Than One or Two Marketing Methods

Our service strategy is based on the recognition that our clients can benefit the most from their Internet activities when they implement a fully integrated system of marketing and communications.

We have worked hard and diligently for several years to identify and develop a complete Internet marketing methodology for achieving business success on the Web. We believe that our comprehensive system is unique.

Communications Services

By communications we mean people interacting regularly through electronic newsletters, forums and discussion groups in ways that are effectively tied to your web site programs and offline capabilities.

We are convinced, as are others, that this is the area of greatest potential for the Web.  We have studied these processes intensely and feel that our expertise in this is unrivaled.

  • Customer Service Programs

    If you are like us, you know and believe that CUSTOMER SERVICE is one of the cornerstones of effective marketing.  So how can you use the Internet to improve your customer service, reduce costs and gain competitive advantage?  We have some answers that may surprise you.

  • Internet Marketing Consulting Services

    A major challenge for most businesses is to integrate their electronic activities with their existing practices.  This is perhaps one of the main causes of current ineffective Internet marketing on the part of so many companies. We can assist you to implement an effective online marketing presence in minimum time.

  • Research and Development Services

    Experienced Internet surfers already know that information overload and noise has drastically reduced the Web's ease-of use.  Nevertheless, with the right tools and expertise the Internet can still efficiently yield valuable information nuggets. What might take you days, weeks or months we can uncover in much less time.

    NPM can develop your online positioning and marketing program to get the best impact with the available resources.

    • IM News

        We have been working hard on the BizBuilders Network (BBN) launch this year.  Stan Bylsma and Royce Hamer our partners in Toronto have the honors of forming the first BBN Chapter there.

    • Articles

        The Power of Business Networking and Partnering, Briefing Paper by Dr. R&D

        The Synergy Manifesto, White Paper by Dr. R&D

        The first article is the introductory section of the White Paper and is available to subscribers.  The Synergy Manifesto is only available to NPM partners.

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