Internet Marketing Methods


Implementation of Internet marketing methods serves the following objectives:

    1. Serve existing customers -- customer satisfaction.
    2. Drive prospective, new customers to your presentations -- visitor traffic.
    3. Establish a system to follow up with new prospects -- list building and communications.
    4. Offer value to your contacts so that they are pleased to purchase your products and services -- conversion.

The main marketing methods are fairly well understood as they include:

  • Keyword research to identify and attract targeted prospects with web communications.
  • Web presence optimization and marketing communications integration.
  • Curated blog content.
  • Authority site support, including social media marketing.
  • Paid online advertising
  • Web site mobile readiness to be part of the continually increasing mobile communications world.
  • Offline-online interaction and networking

In addition to the main methods there are numerous tactics that can be used effectively and new ones are being invented just about every day.

To sort out the gems among the many internet marketing tactis is a very challenging and ongoing effort.  Currently among the most powerful tactics are the use of authority sites, videos and viral processes.

  • IM News

      We have been working hard on the BizBuilders Network (BBN) launch this year.  Stan Bylsma and Royce Hamer our partners in Toronto have the honors of forming the first BBN Chapter there.

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